DIY Canvass Pictures


I’ve been meaning to blog but I’ve been very busy with work and wedding preps. Now I’m back and I’d like to share a few things that kept me busy the past few days.

I wanted to DIY most of the things that we’ll be using at the wedding. Here’s one — big photos on a budget. How did I do it? Simple.

1. I selected photos from our engagement session and asked our photographer and good friend, Mot of Framed Up Productions to edit them for me.
2. I went to my friend’s shop to have it printed. The size is 11×17, not too big, not too small. It was printed like tarpaulins. The price for twenty pieces of 11×17 photos? Php 540.00.
3. I asked my dad if we have used plywood from the apartment. I asked him to cut it the same size of the pictures.
4. With the help of my sister and cousins, we glued the pictures to the plywood using double sided tape. After that, I stapled the sides to make sure it stays.

And there it is, my DIY canvass! We’ll hang it at the reception near the mobile bar so people will think we look awesome while they’re drunk. Hahahaha!


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