UPDATED: Rings – Jewelry by Franco

Last September 2011, we went to a bridal fair in SMX. Our wedding coordinator, Cece of Kiss the Girl Events, told us to go to bridal fairs because we can get up to 40% off on suppliers. She was right. Jeff and I met a wonderful couple who makes awesome jewelry, Erick and Ruth Franco. We tried on some of their rings on display. Jeff wanted to take home the rings he liked, too bad nothing fits him. He was THAT excited to purchase our wedding rings!

We had our first fitting last October 22, 2011, just before Jeff and I left for our anniversary getaway to Tanay. In our first meeting a few weeks before, we described to them how we want it to look like. Here’s our peg:

We wanted our ring to look like this but instead of the diamonds, we wanted a cross engraved.

We are so surprised to see our rings because it was what we wanted it to look like! The Francos did a really great job! Look:

As posted on our food blog. This was taken on our first fitting that's why it still looks like it's all white gold. The middle part is matte gold with the engraving. See how big Jeff's ring compared to mine. His ring size is 12 while mine is 5.5. Woah!

Our engraving inside the rings is a verse from the Bible — Song of Solomon 6:3. Mine says, I am my beloved’s… and Jeff’s says, …and my beloved is mine. It’s pretty awesome that we didn’t put the ultimate favorite 1 Corinthians 13 on our rings. LOLS. We decided to go for this design because we want the Lord to be the center of our relationship, just like how the cross was engraved at the center of the ring.

Ruth and Erick are very nice. They talk to their customers like friends and they give suggestions on how to make the rings better. We also share the same belief on buying wedding bands — it is okay to spend a little more on the rings because at the end of the day, you will realize that these are the only things you take home with you after the wedding. They told us that sometimes, customers want rings that are around Php8,000 which is possible, but it’ll be too thin or low quality. They also have one of the most interesting rings I’ve seen. So many diamonds! If you ever decide to meet them to inquire about wedding bands, do check out their rings okay? 😛

Ruth emailed us a photo of the ring that we are about to pick up by the end of the month. We are so thrilled about it!

This is Jeff's ring. Notice the engraving inside. This is not yet finished tho. Six small diamonds will be put in the cross. Ruth was very helpful and patient with me because I kept asking if they could put diamonds on the ring.

Thank you, Erick and Ruth! This is amazing!

If you want them to make your rings, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

Jewelry by Franco

The Wedding Lounge, G/F RFM Corporate Center

Pioneer corner Sheridan Streets,

Mandaluyong City



Here’s an update. We finally got our rings and here’s how it looks like. Super happy about what Eric and Ruth did!

This is it! ❤


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