Marriage License: Applied!

Jeff and I had to skip work for a day so we can apply for a wedding license. Weddings at Work (W@W) defined it as:

Marriage License: a requirement for either a Civil or Church wedding to be held in the Philippines. The Application Form for a marriage license must be secured at the Local Civil Registrar from the city, town or municipality where either the bride or the groom habitually resides. The personal appearance of those getting married is required in applying for a marriage license.

Each of the contracting parties shall file separately a sworn application for each license with the proper local civil registrar. Philippine law prescribes a ten-day waiting period from the filing of the Application to the issuance of the marriage license. The license is valid for 120 days from date of issuance and may be used anywhere in the Philippines.

Wala nang urungan. 😛

Last January 2, 2012, I went to the city hall thinking that I can apply for a license ALONE. Hey, don’t just me, I’m a first timer. When the woman laughed at me, I realized I did something stupid. She gave me a list of requirements and asked me to come back WITH MY FIANCE. Sure mam, no problemo. Here are the regular requirements that the city hall will ask you to bring.

1. Birth certificate. You can get this online thru The fee is Php 315.00 per copy. I got two copies, just in case I’ll be needing another copy. Jeff didn’t get one because he doesn’t have a record here. Yep, he’s not born in the Philippines. We’ll go there later. 😉

2. CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. Just like the birth certificate, you can also get this online. Fee is Php 415.00. Jeff and I both got this. All documents requested online can be paid over-the-counter or online thru BDO and Unionbank. I paid ours in BDO.

Additional Requirement:

3. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. Since Jeff is a Filipino-American, he was asked to submit a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. He got this from US Embassy for $50. He booked an appointment online and went there. His schedule was 9AM and was finished at around 10AM or something. Very fast right?

We went back to the city hall last February 1, 2012 and successfully applied for our marriage license. I had to fill out three pages of application forms (because Jeff’s handwriting is well.. uhmm nevermind haha!). We paid a fee of Php 350.00 and that’s it! We just need to wait until February 13 for the release of our license.

I am ready to marry my Jeff! 🙂


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