Love, Relationships and Expectations

With my fifteen month relationship with Jeff, I’ve learned so many things about love, relationship and expectations. It’s not always the good stuff but the ‘normal’ things. Let me share a few things that I learned along the way. It can be helpful to some.


Lesson # 1

Love is not like the movies. Sometimes, I daydream and imagine Jeff suddenly appearing in my house or in the office. I wait, stare at the door and think of how will I smile or what will I say when he appears only to get disappointed at the end of the day because I wasted all my time doing that. (C’mon, don’t tell me I’m the only one who did that.) The thing is, not every guy can do that. Showing up and surprises you with a bouquet of flowers? Geez. So one day, I finally convinced myself that Jeff won’t show up. Imagine my delight when he stood infront of my office door – without a bouquet of roses but with a box of Bonchon chicken. Priceless. 🙂


Lesson # 2

Your prince charming falls asleep too. Sometimes, I go on and on telling Jeff about some things, only to notice that his YM is idle. That’s the clue – he’s asleep. Falling asleep very fast is one of his many talents. Like thirty seconds fast. Who can even do that?!?! Sometimes, I get angry when he sleeps on me or whatever I’m saying. Am I that boring? LOLS. But most of the time, I find it funny especially when he gives me weird answers. Example: ME: What do you think about this? HIM: 3 o’clock.


Lesson # 3

The Grand Romantic Gesture. Every woman wants this. A grand announcement of his love for you or a big proposal. But let me tell you this – Jeff never did one. Am I disappointed? NO. Let’s go back to October 24, 2010. We were inside the car from a basketball game (where BMeg lost to Ginebra) and a dinner at Dampa in Cubao with my friends, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. In the car, no lights, no surprises, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fastforward to April 1, 2011, we got engaged on Facebook. Yes friends, it was a prank. Well, that was in the beginning because when I asked him how we will tell our friends Happy April Fools, he showed me the ring. Am I disappointed? Still not. I may not have a great story to tell my kids in the future, but I have a lifetime to make great memories with Jeff. No fireworks, no band, no big crowd – just me and him, making our own lovestory.


Lesson # 4

It’s not the big gifts; it’s the small ones that count. I’d like to think that I’m a good gifter. I gave Jeff a lot of DIY gifts, I even gave him a children’s party on his 26th birthday. I’d also like to think that guys aren’t very creative when it comes to gifts. They don’t know what to give you. Or if they do, they’ll just buy whatever they think you need at the moment. So far, I’ve got shoes, a watch, a bag and an external hard drive etc. from Jeff. I can’t remember the others, but those are what I use the most. The lesson of the story? Tell him what you need. This will make things easier for him. And by the way, the smallest gift Jeff me was my engagement ring. That counts a lot right? 😉


Lesson # 5

Let boys be boys and let them play with their toys. I swear when Jeff was all crazy about this Jordan Concord, I was super mad. Like he talks about it all day on Twitter, on Facebook, and then he sends me links and pictures of the shoes. My big boy is crazy. Then again when the Concords were released, I was there behind him. I was with him in every promo or contest that Titan did. I skipped work and spent the day with him in Ronac and shot photos of him kissing his precious shoes. Why? Because I love him. I may be all irked by his craziness towards this pair of shoes, but seeing him that happy was all worth it. My advice to you girlfriends is not to cross the line when it comes to their toys. Well, I still feel upset when all Jeff talks about shoes, but what can I do except be supportive? Jeff may be a big sneakerhead, but he knows his priority. I still feel bad whenever I get reminded that he is willing to sell his Lego collection at the right price – a complete Ferrari collection.


I have a lot more to say but I can’t remember most of them. Maybe Jeff will be angry because I disclosed a lot of things about him, but your boyfriends or husbands or partners may be worse. Haha! As a girlfriend and a future wife, I try to understand and be supportive on whatever he wants to do. I love him. And the best thing about it? He loves me back.


10 thoughts on “Love, Relationships and Expectations

  1. Beautiful musings, W@wie sis! 🙂

    Too bad I only started reading your blog now. Love your posts so far!

    Oh and we met online too and got engaged in less than 2 year after we met and 5 months after we first met in person. 🙂

    Ivy (of Daniel)
    Our wedblog:

    • Hi Ivy. Thank you for reading. I’m not done posting all my wedding stuff here but will soon will. Are you guys already married? 🙂

      • Will be getting married this 23rd 🙂

        Seriously contemplated transferring our wedblog to wordpress kasi I so love wordpress as a tool. Pero hassle rin ilipat lahat. Haha! You have a pretty website. Disappointed na ang konti ng content 😦

        Would love to see more of your DIYs! And how to’s rin 🙂

      • Congratulations! Konting tambling nalang yan. I do post once in a while kaso hassle talaga with work and settling in. Just when you thought that all the stress is over, open your box of clothes and you’ll know. Haha! Andami kong DIY. KTG Helped me a lot. Are you one of their brides din? 🙂

      • I’m not. But that’s so cool! They helped? In what way?

        Good luck with the adjustment into being a wife! 🙂

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