The Caterer That We Will Never Have

The food is a very important part of a wedding. And knowing me and Jeff, we both love eating so we can’t take this aspect for granted. We had food tasting last June with two caterers — Martha’s Plate Catering Services in Marikina and Sac B. Catering Service in Taytay. We booked Sac B. Catering Service because they have a better package. But some things went wrong.

Our Sac B. Story

Sac B. is located in front of NCBA in Taytay. When we decided to do the food tasting, they asked us to deposit Php300 to the owner’s account, Sophia as payment for the food. Jeff dropped by their shop and took the food before going to my house. I was kind of disappointed with it. Some tasted too salty, and some are bland. Then again, Sophie said that they’ll adjust the taste because it was just an accident that it was a bit salty. She knew it was salty but she still gave it to us. Jeff was still kind enough to consider them and in a few days, we decided to book them and send them the remaining Php1,700 for the reservation fee. We already gave them Php2,000 for the reservation.

Fastforward to September. I emailed her asking something about the styling and lanterns. I even showed her a link to a wedding that Passion Cooks did in Alpadi Estate. But God knows she didn’t reply. A week later, I texted her.

September 14, 2011

Joy: Hi Sophie. I emailed you the other day. Did you get it?

Sophie Bungay: Yes, nakapagreply narin ako. Kagagaling ko lang sa Makro. Naiwan ko cp ko.

She said she replied but I didn’t get any. Even my fiance and wedding coordinator didn’t get a reply. I replied the next day.

September 15, 2011

Joy: Hi Sophie. Wala akong natatanggap na reply from you. Ni-CC ko ang wedding coordinator at fiance ko sa email. I’d appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Sophie Bungay: Here’s my reply thru email: motif ok. Tent no need, menu choices haven’t been given, installation of 8 swags and 8 lanterns starts at 5k. Honestly nagreply ako.

Joy: Pasend nalang ulet kasi nobody among us got it. May extra charge ang lanterns?

Sophie Bungay: Yes. The swags and lanterns may extra charge.

Sophie Bungay: Hi Joy. I have forwarded my email. If you haven’t get it, irereport ko na ito sa Yahoo. Nabasa ko narin ang pinost mo sa FB ko. Super busy lang ako kahapon until Saturday may inaasikaso akong event. Pero when you were calling, I was in Makro and left my phone charging. Have replied naman as soon as I get home.

Joy: Ganun ba. I still didn’t get it. Weird. Forward kita sa coordinator ko ha. She handles everything kasi I’m so busy with work. Thanks.

Three weeks passed and I never heard anything from Sophie. Is she that busy? So I texted her again and she started showing attitude. I should be the one showing attitude because I am the customer and I gave her the Php2,000 required deposit. I texted her again.

October 11, 2011

Joy: Hi Sophie. I emailed you three weeks ago but you haven’t replied. Did you get it?

Sophie Bungay: I have replied on all your emails.

Joy: I gave a link of the reception setup that we want. Did you see it? I didn’t get any email from you.

Sophie Bungay: I’ll forward you my reply. Yes I have seen it.

Joy: I’m seriously not getting any reply. Please double check my email address. It’s ****** Please CC my fiance too, ***** Thanks.

Sophie Bungay: Okay. But honestly, I have replied right after I have read your email.

Joy: Hindi ko kasi nakukuha. Wala rin sa junk mail and spam. We all didn’t get any reply.

Sophie Bungay: You are the only one that I have replied. Anyway, I will text you right after I have emailed you. And I will email your fiance too. Kindly checked your blocked addresses nalang. Because you’re the only client who does not receive my replies.

Joy: I don’t block people. Please resend it nalang.

Sophie Bungay: Hi Joy. I have sent an email. Please check.

Seriously? Did she really ask me to check my blocked addresses? Am I crazy to block her? Geez. This woman is insane. Here’s what she emailed me which I totally hate. She has no customer service skills and showed her customer attitude.

The email Sophie sent me.

I didn’t like the part that keeps on writing the word ‘wedding’ with a capital W. And that statement, Or we can finalize it on November, January, February, or until the 20th of March. People should really stop using sarcasm on me because that’s my middle name. In the end, I told Jeff I don’t want this person to cater our wedding so we’ll just let it pass and let them keep our Php2,000.

So we decided to go back to Martha’s Plate.

Martha’s Plate Catering Services

Martha’s food tasted really good to us. The thing about it is that their package was not complete, though it’s very cheap. Package was at Php275/pax with two meat, one veggie and one pasta plus the basic setup. No cake, no wine and no dove. Jeff said it’s okay, we’ll just find a new supplier for that.

So there, we just got out of a wedding nightmare about to happen.

PS. I will write a different post about Martha’s.


10 thoughts on “The Caterer That We Will Never Have

  1. Wow! That’s so heavy. I find it unfair that you are going to air your frustrations in the net. You don’t know how hands-on we are in every event that we handle. That is why we are that very busy. Yet, I still manage to give you a reply. If you haven’t received it, it is no longer my fault. If I have offended you with my straightforward replies in my text messages, it’s no longer my problem too. Regarding with the fish fillet that accidentally went salty, let me remind you that Jeff went early on the agreed time. My assistant was pressured to work fast. It was after he left the shop that I had a chance to taste it, from there I have texted you about it. My only request is that we sit down and finalize your design. Sac B. is only a two year old catering service business, but the Lord blessed us with hundreds of clients already. Thank you for posting my fb page so that your readers can see who we really are. And for you Ms. Middle name is Sarcasm I hope you find happiness and good luck on your WEDDING!

  2. isa ako sa mga nabigyan ng magandang package ng Sac B. Catering Service at di lang isa kundi naka 3 times na far wala ako reklamo sa kanila.the food and services wala ako masabi..bakit nangyari yan sau?maybe its bcoz may mali ka din….after reading ur blog..hmmmmm…mukhang napapaisip ako ah..PARANG MAGPAPA CATER ULI AKO KAY MISS SOPHIE..TIWALA PA DIN AKO SA GALING NYA..AT DI PA DIN AKO MAGDADALAWA ISIP NA SA KANYA ULI MAGPA SERVICE..

  3. hello sophie,

    while you have every right to defend yourself, it is well within our rights to express OUR OPINION and share OUR EXPERIENCE in dealing with you. was it my fault that I arrived early that’s why the food was salty? is it so hard to reply to ONE DAMN EMAIL? if you were really hands on, then we should have had a better experience. again, you can defend yourself to no end, but this will still be OUR EXPERIENCE and we have every right to share it in this blog.

    hi bj,

    it is fortunate of you that you have experienced good service from sophie. but still, that is YOUR EXPERIENCE, which is vastly different from what WE EXPERIENCED from sophie. i don’t know why you’re defending her. is she your friend? then understandable. but if you are just a regular customer, i highly doubt a “regular customer” would do something like this.

    we are just sharing OUR EXPERIENCES with our suppliers. an apology and an explanation would’ve sufficed. then again, you had to go on the defensive for reasons which i do not know.

    thank you for linking to our page sophie. it vastly increases our hit count. 🙂

  4. For people whose business is to give service,  you’re only as good as your last service. 

    I have to agree with Jeff- you can not fault him for being early. Ms. Sophie, for a businessman, i think you shouldve been thankful for his punctuality instead of making it as an excuse. And if his being early pressured your assistant so much that your food’s quality was affected, how can you assure your clients that your team can work well under pressure? Big events such as weddings, for example, is naturally very stressful in nature. A lot of unforseeable things can happen- and one thing that clients like me are looking for is a reliable team. If a small glitch like Jeff’s early arrival can cause this, what more if something really unfortunate happened? 

    • Tukayo & Joy,

      Hindi dyan nagtatapos ang tanong na yan. Kung talagang maganda si Sophie, i-post niyo muna yung picture nya bago niyo patawarin.

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