Wedding Coverage: Framed-Up Production

I’ve been posting so many photos of our wedding but I haven’t posted anything about the photographers. That’s not fair, is it? Now I present to you, Framed-Up Production.

*insert kengkoy music here*

Grabbed from Framed-Up Production’s cover photo on their Facebook account.

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Wedding Cake: Dana Robles of Pink Kitchen

Discovering Dana Robles of Pink Kitchen was just an accident. We were at the Alabang Town Center to meet Harold and Lavinia (who had an equally awesome wedding in Boracay last May) and there was a bridal fair at the activity center. We walked around while waiting for them and passed by an interesting cake. The three tiered cake has capiz shells in the middle and has a light bulb in it. I called Jeff and told him my interesting discovery. He said it’s cool but we were not yet decided if we will get a cake so I just got a flyer from the woman who was in the booth. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the cake because Harold and Lavinia already came.

Two weeks later, I saw the flyer inside my bag and asked Jeff if we should get a cake. I also reminded him about the cool cake we saw in ATC. He gave me the green light and I called Dana. It was a closed deal. We met her in ATC a week later for a taste test. She brought the red velvet that we requested and some carrot cake because she said there were spare from her orders. We already decided that we’re getting the red velvet until we tasted the carrot cake. It was very delicious! So yeah, it was the carrot cake.

Cake topper.
Photo by Framed-Up Production.

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Florist and Stylist: Serge Igonia of Loi Floral Sense

Remember Cece of Kiss the Girl Events? I asked her if she knows any florist and Serge Igonia of Loi Floral Sense is the first one she recommended. It was an honor meeting Serge. I learned that he was the one who made the flowers for Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez’s wedding. I knew my wedding flowers will be great. Here are some of the photos from my very yellow wedding.

My bouquet of yellow lilies and roses.
Photo by Framed-Up Production.

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Wedding Coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events

It all started with an email that I was BCC-ed. We were on our way to Batangas when I got this email and I told Jeff we need a wedding coordinator because I just got a job and I can’t focus with the preparations. Besides, they have a promo that time haha! Up until today, Cece won’t tell me who gave them my email address. Haha!

KTG’s first email to me.

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Princessweds: Fascinator and Candles

I’ve always wanted to wear a fascinator or a bird cage veil for my wedding but I can’t seem to find someone who makes one. I asked my coordinator, Cece of Kiss the Girl Events to find one for me. She asked around and the most affordable quote that she got was from Princessweds. I gave her my peg and she told me she can make it but not exactly like it because someone else designed it.

I saw a picture of the bird cage veil from Oh My Earth Angel’s blog. She also had a vintage wedding. Her designer was Kate Torralba, which of course I can’t afford.

Photo from Oh My Earth Angel’s blog. I love her wedding. Check out her blog too.

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Wedding Gown

Jeff told me before the wedding that one of his fears back when he was single was the wedding gown. He knows it is pricey and it might cost P150,000.00 minimum. It was a joy to him marrying me because I don’t want an expensive gown. I was kind of worried when I was asking for a quote for the gown that I want and all of them was telling me P40,000. Last September we went to a bridal fair in SMX where we met Joanna of Te Artsy Couture.

Te Artsy Couture is the country’s first ready-to-wear bridal boutique. It is owned by Joanna Beltran who I think is very young. Well, she looks young to me. I’ve always wanted a poofy gown every since I watched Enchanted that’s why when I saw a very poofy white gown in her display in the fair, I booked her instantly. The price? P12,500. Yes friends, my wedding gown is only P12,500.

Photo from Te Artsy Couture’s Multiply page.

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Unsolicited Advice to Future Brides from a Former Bride

It’s been a month since the wedding and we’re not even settled in properly yet. Some stuff are here and there, and my clothes are everywhere. I still have a lot of things in my parents house. Sometimes, Jeff and I will just look at the ceiling and think what really happened during the wedding. So here’s a list of things that I’d like my friends who are getting married to know.

1. It happens very fast. I don’t even remember some of the things that happened. You need to relax the day before the wedding and sleep a lot (which I didn’t do not because I’m excited but because my bestfriend/maid of honor slept over and as usual, we talked all night). You really don’t want to fall asleep just when you’re about to say your ‘I do’.

2. Pack your things ‘perfectly’. Three days before the wedding, I started sorting my stuff out. All the clothes were put inside the gown box (gown, veil, gloves which I was not able to use, fascinator, wedding shoes, prep dress, after party dress, flats). I also had a separate box for the stuff that will be used in the reception (secondary sponsors’ gifts, principal sponsors’ gifts, place cards), and another box for the church (secondary veil, cord, arrhae, Bible). I also brought the remaining gray and yellow fabric from the bridesmaids dresses and gray and yellow ribbons. Most of them were used to accentuate the giveaways.

3. RSVP three times. Only those who are getting married will know how hard it was to make a guest list. Jeff and I made our guest list in November and we were still updating it the day before the wedding. Our deadliest deadline was two weeks before the wedding. Most people replied whether they can or can’t come. Remeber that it’s your wedding, you call the shots and you don’t beg for people to come. For the guests, please don’t take it against the couple if they are asking and just answer politely if you can’t come. They really won’t bargain a lot because there will be 200 more of you. Making the guest list is the most stressful thing to do in a wedding. Please cooperate. 😀

4. Be ready for those who were not invited but will come. They may be the plus ones or the plus tens of your relatives from the province. Never really had a big problem about it because those who came were my relatives.

5. Also, be ready for those who will RSVP but will not come. It was only after we got back from Cebu that I realized that a lot of those who confirmed didn’t come. Really appreciated those who told me that they can’t make it.

6. Make sure you go around, even if it is so hard to walk around because you are wearing high heels and a puffy gown, to talk to your guests and take pictures with them. Jeff and I were so happy because our headcount was 229 given that it was a Friday, and people really filed a leave so they can come.

7. Make sure that your suppliers were served food. Give instructions to your coordinators where the suppliers will get food. In our case, they were included in our buffet. Also, commend them for the job well done. I haven’t done a supplier review yet, but I will do it soon.

8. Eat. A lot of former brides told me that it would be impossible to eat on your wedding day. So I proved them wrong. In the morning, I ate breakfast at home. When I arrived in the prep site, I ate again (that’s brunch okayyyy). I have a very strict instruction to our wedding coordinator to have food ready inside the prep room in the reception so we can eat while touching up. There were two plates full of food! Sure we were not able to eat during the reception itself, but who said we were hungry? Never starve yourself on your day. Your energy will run out just before you say your I Do. I know someone who passed out during her wedding rites. Hello, Mama! Hahahaha!

9. Have spare shoes or flats because I’m pretty sure you will get tired of those heels. I wore a very comfortable three inch heeled shoes from Nine West but I knew I had to change to a more comfortable pair. Don’t make your feet bleed.

10. Don’t be so stressed out. Few months before the wedding, I read an article that a bride in Batangas died the night before her wedding. She passed out and never woke up again. Such a tragic story. Sure there will be a lot of wrong things that will happen on your wedding day, but no one will really notice them. You only need one thing to make your wedding perfect — marry the right person.

So there, go get married and have a happy life! 😉